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Prince William,

I am proud to announce that I will be seeking a second term as Chair At-Large of the Prince William County School Board. We have accomplished so much together and we are going to advance even further in the next four years.  

Our students have many more opportunities to learn, shine, and succeed. 
Our teachers’ salaries have steadily and significantly increased. 
Our parents are engaged at every level of their student’s education. 

And our community has seen our school division rise in the rankings (NICHE rankings from 26 to 17th best in the Commonwealth in my term), recognized as a great place to work (Forbes Magazine) and realizing a wonderful reputation.  

We have done this because of, and with, all of you.  We have addressed student success, safety and security, space and infrastructure, sustainability, and salaries of our employees.

We have become a destination school district for all, but we are not done yet. Along with pandemic recovery we still have work to do in all categories, and I will not rest until every student and family has the opportunities and means to succeed. 

I will continue to fight to fully fund our schools and advocate for all of our students and families. I will fight to make sure we have strong leadership and a continued investment in our kids and teachers. I know our success is boundless when we work together, and when we ALL believe in ALL of our children.  


As a proud parent of four PWCS students, a product of public schools from kindergarten through medical school, a physician, and a public servant, I understand the value of our school system and the awesome responsibility to care for it. I have governed with this in mind and I will continue to put our students and families at the forefront of all that we do.




Babur Lateef

Babur Lateef, campaigning for Prince William School Board Chair
Babur Lateef, candidate for Prince William School Board Chairman
Babur Lateef, trusted eye doctor in Northern Virginia
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