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Student Success

Close the achievement gap, increase test scores, and ensure all students have opportunities to succeed.

Space to Learn

Reduce the number of trailers, lower classroom sizes, repair school infrastructure, and other updates.

Safety & Security

Secure campuses, increase mental health specialists, and provide cultural sensitivity and school emergency trainings.


Recruit and retain the best teachers in Virginia by offering competitive salaries.

Student Success

Close the Achievement Gap


  • Ensure that a student’s economic background or ethnicity does not dictate their success.  


Increase Test Scores


  • Improve our SOL and SAT scores to compete with the rest of Northern Virginia.


Provide Opportunities For All Students


  • Improve the communication of our academic and professional development opportunities through traditional, digital, and social media.


Prepare Students For College & Life


  • Increase the funding of our CTE (Career & Technical Education) Programs, where students can learn valuable vocational skills such as cybersecurity, culinary arts, and practical nursing.

What We’ve Done

  • Improved or NICHE Ranking from 26 to 17th best school division in the commonwealth over the last three years.


  • Improved course weighting for our high school student, making them more competitive with surrounding counties and the rest of the country for college admissions


  • Increased access to and the number of students at our advanced and gifted programs, including Thomas Jefferson high school the Governor’s School, and IB and Cambridge programs.

  • Dramatically improved our counselor to student ratio.


  • Developed a comprehensive strategic plan to address student performance across the division

Student Success

Space to Learn

Reduce the Number of Trailers


  • Develop a concrete plan to tackle the decades-long problem of overcrowding.


Shrink Classroom Sizes


  • Find solutions to decrease student-to-teacher ratios in our classrooms.


Repair & Update Existing Infrastructure


  • Update and repair our internet infrastructure, including increasing bandwidth, creating new servers, and updating our websites. 




  • Work on changing how specialty school assignments work so that the Board can determine how best to use our resources. 

           What We’ve Done

  • Developed a comprehensive energy and sustainability initiative which was recognized by the US Department of Agriculture with the prestigious Green Ribbon Award.


  • Continued do address overcrowding by building new schools and adding classrooms to existing schools across the county.


  • Maintained the school division’s AAA bond rating, reduce borrowing, and improved interest rates for long-term savings--serving the county well.

Space to Learn

Safety & Security

Secure School Campuses


  • Work with student resource officers, teachers, counselors, and other staff to develop comprehensive, county-wide protocols to secure our campuses.


Increase the Number of Mental Health Specialists


  • Increase funding for mental health specialists and counselors so that all students have access to receive whatever help they may need.


Participate in School Safety Pilot Programs


  • Explore opportunities for innovative school safety solutions.


Fund College Advising


  • Provide students with the appropriate college advising and personal counseling they need.

What We’ve Done 

  • Added full-time security aids to all elementary schools.

  • Reviewed all safety protocols and procedures to ensure we are abiding by best practices, and continue to embark on new technologies to improve the safety and security of our students.

  • Added more counselors, psychologist, social workers, and nurses to schools across the county.

Safety & Security


Recruit & Retain the Best Teachers


  • Offer competitive salaries so that Prince William County can recruit and retain the best educators in Virginia.


Increase Per-Pupil Spending


  • Increase per-pupil spending to ensure all students receive the best education possible. 

Deliver Another Raise to Teachers & Staff Across the County

  •  Babur delivered a 4.8% countywide raise, and he is committed to doing it again.

What We’ve Done

  • Given significant raises over the last five years

  • Achieved Forbes Magazine ranking as the #1 school division to work for in the entire commonwealth of Virginia.

  • Developed collective-bargaining and committed to prevailing wages for all for the construction.

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